New Site Launch

Seasoned Site Launch Date 08162016

It was man’s first landing on another world, the realization of centuries of dreams, the fulfillment of a decade of striving, a triumph of modern technology and personal courage, the most dramatic demonstration of what man can do if he applies his mind and resources with single-minded determination.

July 20th 1969: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The step was physical, the leap conceptual, and all of us took it with him.

Although Mr. Armstrong is known as a man of few words, his heartbeats told of his excitement upon leading man’s first landing on the moon. At the time of the descent rocket ignition, his heartbeat rate registered 110 a minute- 77 is normal for him – and it shot up to 156 at touchdown.

Launching Seasoned has been a dream

The Eagle has landed – The initial mission objective is complete. On to the next directive.

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