Our Backstory

We live in a circle. The seasons fall into each other, things are made, destroyed and remade, it all turns back into itself. At Seasoned our process is no different. Using unique repurposed materials to handcraft our authentic hats right here in America, we are bringing these pieces back to life and creating something new from the past.

Seasoned isn’t a clean word, it implies use, a thing weathered and with experience. To be seasoned is to have something to say, a story to tell. We believe in stories. Not the kind you hear and forget, but the ones that tell you about the world, the ones you pass down, the ones with meaning. That’s why every material we use has a story; from the inner lining of a World War Two jacket to a salt stained sailing canvas, they all have something to say.

To us, the best things in life are the ones that last. We believe in fewer made products that mean something, that carry a legacy. We want to make one thing and make it well. We want to instill pride in what it means to be made in America, and do that through honesty and integrity. We want each hat to be another handcrafted piece of the circle we all live.

You are Seasoned. We are Seasoned.